EdTech Resources

Here are a few of my favorite edtech resources….

To flip classroom instruction:

  • Nearpod – Nearpod makes it easy to engage your students with embedded video, audio, slide shows, PDFs, web pages, twitter streams, 3D animation, and more. Interested in taking your class on a virtual field trip to, say, the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles? Want to explore the surface of Mars? Yes, you can do that, too with Nearpod.
  • Office Mix – Tired of the same old presentation tools? With Office Mix, you can easily raise the bar on interactivity. Bring your presentations to life with narration, digital inking, quizzes, and polls.  Plus, presentations are easy to distribute–just share a link!

To demonstrate concept attainment:

  • Powtoons – Use Powtoons to create storyboards to review key understandings.
  • Padlet – Use Padlet to brainstorm or demonstrate understanding.
  • Recap – Use Recap as a quick tool to assess student understanding.
  • ifaketext.com


To engage students in an active review:

  • Kahoot! – Use Kahoot! to create an engaging and interactive review game.
  • Sporcle:  Use Sporcle to create self-correcting review games.

To encourage student questioning:

  • PollEverywhere – Use PollEverywhere to gauge student understanding and encourage thoughtful questioning

To give quiet students a voice:

  • Adobe Spark – Use Adobe Spark to make a quick animated videos to demonstrate understanding or tell stories.

To organize activities and materials:

  • TodaysMeet – Use TodaysMeet to share links easily.
  • EDpuzzle – Use EDpuzzle to track student understanding of video content.

To organize ideas:

  • TimeToast – Use TimeToast to create interactive timelines.
  • Prezi – Use Prezi to create visually creative presentations.

To experience a different reality:

  • Aurasma – Use Aurasma to augment reality in your classroom.
  • Google Cardboard – Use Google Cardboard to take virtual field trips.


  • Green Screen – Use Green Screen by Do Ink to create a green screen video on your phone.