Harness the Power of (Fake) Texting in Class

Thanks to The Brown Bag Teacher, I have recently started playing with the free resource ifaketext.com.  This text message generator enables you to compose fake text messages by simply filling in a dialogue box (adding more lines if you wish) and hitting submit.  In a matter of minutes, I created this quick exchange between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson about the French Revolution.


This fake text generator could be used in the classroom in so many different ways.  For example, in Social Studies classes:

  • the teacher can generate fake dialogues and students can attempt guess who sent the texts
  • students can generate their own text messages to review major controversies or historical debates
  • students can analyze historical change by asking historical figures to text current leaders with commentary on foreign or domestic policy (I wonder what Machiavelli would text President Obama…)

In English classes:

  • the teacher can create a fake exchange to explore character development in a novel
  • students can create dialogues that fill in missing moments in the novel
  • students can create dialogues that predict conversations that occurred before or after the time frame of the novel

By using this familiar format, ifaketext.com offers students an engaging platform on which to think critically and creatively about content.