Augmenting Reality in the Classroom


Do you remember that scene from Harry Potter when the paintings talk.  If you want to bring a little bit of that wizardry into your classroom, the Aurasma Studio app might just be the way to do it!

Aurasmaan augmented reality application, is one of my new favorite apps for education. First reason: it’s free.  Second reason:  it’s very cool.  Third reason:  it’s super easy  for everyone to learn to use.

With the Aurasma app, you can use images to launch other HIDDEN images and videos.  It is like a QR code, but far more interesting to look at. (And–to be frank–how many QR codes can you really hang around your classroom before they merge into a dizzying pattern of black and white wallpaper?)

Are you a math or physics teacher? You might want to have formulas posted around your classroom, but you ALSO might not want students to rely on those formulas every day.  Using Aurasma, you can “hide” the formulas in plain sight.  They are available for students who need them, but “hidden” when they need to be.

Or maybe you are a chemistry teacher.  Your students can make your periodic table come to life with Aurasma.  Use the app’s image recognition feature on a periodic table to summon digital images of the elements.  Or, have each individual element trigger a video of a student explaining its chemical makeup and properties.   OR, if you want to get involved in the fun–have individual elements trigger a video of YOU asking higher-order questions.

World Language teachers can post French words around the classroom that trigger images of the objects or videos of the actions they represent. And art teachers can use famous works of art to trigger videos made by your students that explain the significance of each piece.

It takes about three clicks to make an Aura on Aurasma.  Check out this tutorial to see how easy it can be to augment the reality of your classroom.